2023.02.21 Presentation by undergraduate students!
2023.02.14 New paper was published!
2023.02.14 New bachelor students joined our lab.
2022.06.20 We joined the regular meeting of the Japanese biochemical society, Kanto branch in Chiba.
2022.04.04 New paper was published.
2022.04.04 New members joind us.
2022.03.29 We updated photos (graduation ceremony).
2021.09.30 New paper was published by Dr.Daitoku.
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2020.09.04 We held farewell party for Kim sensei.
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2020.09.04 We held birthday party for Fukamizu sensei.
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2020.07.16 We created movie for introduction of our lab. Check it out !
2020.07.04 Dr.Kwon and Dr. Lu (2019 alumni) visited our lab. Please see Photos.
2020.07.03 We held tea party (ochugen party). Please see Photos.
2020.07.03 Presentations of bachelor thesis (G30 & Japan expert program) was held. Please see Photos.
2020.06.10 Collaborative research with Dr. Kasai (Chiva univ.) about idiopathic pulmonaru fibrosis is published in Mol. Med. Rep. Please see Publication.
2020.03.16 We held farewell party. Please see Photos.
2020.02.22 Presentations of bachelor thesis was held. Please see Photos.
2020.02.13 Presentations of master thesis was held. Please see Photos.
2020.01.29 Dr. Noguchi's (Department of Nephrology) article about Cardio-renal syndrome and Histamine is published in Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. Please see Publication.
2020.01.14 We held final defence for Ph.D. student. Please see Photos.
2020.01.03 The English version of the website was established.
2019.12.31 Our researh with NCVC is published in Circulation. Please see Publication.
2019.12.25 We held Xmas party. Please see Photos.
2019.12.22 We held end of year party. Please see Photos.
2019.12.22 We held sports event. Please see Photos.
2019.12.14 Kwon and Muromachi joined CVMW2019 at Kobe . Please see Photos.
2019.10.04 Muromachi joined Tsukuba Conference2019. Please see Photos.
2019.09.25 Lu graduated from HBP. Please see Photos.
2019.09.18-20 We joined the 92nd JBS. Please see Photos.
2019.09.13 We held the barthday party of Prof. Fukamizu. Please see Photos.
2019.09.12 We held the celebration party of undregraduate students for passing the exam of graduate school. Please see Photos.
2019.09.10 We joined STEMinars. Please see Photos.
2019.09.10 Lu joined graduation party. Please see Photos.
2019.08.30 We went trip for Kawaguchiko lake. Please see Photos.